What its like to be a media student

What its like to be a media student?


I have been studying media for 2 terms now, I cant say it has been a regret.
Studying media is the dream of an social media person, if you see yourself doing a lot of things in social media this job can be for you

I have been learning at OSAO, which is a vocational school for all kinds of jobs, I chose to study media for my 3 years and it has been the best choice in studies that I have ever done, everything I have been doing has been interesting and something that I actually want to do.
I’ve always loved to be doing work on a computer and making art for others.


I have been doing alot of photography practicing  jobs recently and it’s given me new ways to take pictures and more advanced tips to make my pictures look better.

Taking pictures of dogs for example can be hard, but if you get the dog to listen to the owner the images can be good, overall shooting for animal photos can be challenging for the subject since its not normal for them to be sitting in place for a long time.

Photographing people can be easier though, since you can actually control them to get the perfect picture. The past few days we have been practicing to take pictures for companies and friend groups, my only tip for this is to arrange the people your shooting in such way to make everyone pop out, you don’t want shadows on someones body and you want everyone to be highlighted, this is also done when placing your lights in the correct spots.





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