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This month we were assigned with a task at hand, to make a short movie out of picked scripts written around 4 months ago by our whole class.

We were set in 4 groups, my group had Petja, Laura, Tiina, Pinja and me. We called our team “wondershot” and the movie we were given was called “Valon Toisella Puolella” which translates to “On the other side of the light”. 

Our working started straight after we met in the group and so we started planning and making dead lines for what things needed to be done by set dates. This is how we would stay in coordination to whats happening each day.

Speaking for the whole crew, I can firmly say that we had a really efficient working week in which we recorded the whole movie while having a few editing breaks every day to see if we had everything recorded correctly.

My jobs in this movie were to direct, act, edit and make the visuals for the movie, at first I thought it was a big task at hand, but in the end I ended up enjoying all of it to the brim.

Our team worked very well to accomplish this movie and we were the first ones to achieve the completion, as it turned out, we had completed the movie a week prior of others and as a director, that really made me feel proud of the team.

Overall the movie was a semi success, it had a few flaws but those were expected due to it being a show for our work, I couldn’t have asked for a better team. 

For the fun we also managed to make a “making of” video for this movie which can be previewed here :

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