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Advertisement video

The past months I have been working hard on the work that we have been assigned in school, most of them have been based around videography and making videos.

The first project I worked on was started around January and finished in February and it was a project that involved 4-5 group members, the plan was to create an advertisement video for something we chose.
In this project my duty was to act, edit and partly direct the shoot.

In this project I was extremely happy about the fact that we could follow each others ideas and give constructive feedback to it, the group worked well together even thought there wasn’t an official director in the group.
From this it could be said that to improve the experience for the next time, assigning roles at the start would be a smart choice for the whole team.

Personally I think that I did well, I did what I was asked to do in a manner that made us more efficient, my acting could have been a bit better if I did use more “communication” in the clips that were used, as it looked like I was not sharing anything with my fellow partner at work.
My improvements would be get more into character when acting to make it more surreal and emphasizing.

Overall the group worked well and hard to come out with a suitable and working advertisement video for the school we study.
Everyone in the group deserves around of applause because of the time and effort they placed in it rather than leaving the school to do their own things.

Baltic Snow Call video

This video production was more recent, as it was shot and done all in February, the goal was to shoot an interview with a special quest from the Baltic Snow Call event that was hosted and presented at Nallikari.
In this project we were place into 5 groups of 4 and assigned an interviewee.

My role in this project was to function the main camera in the interview, I was also in charge of the audio and VXF related stuff.

Personally I did well, as I was in charge of so many things in this project.
I got the audio to be on the perfect level and I didn’t fail to keep it on the main subject, aka the interviewee.
My visual effects were the intro and the outro and I can assure that I got them done perfectly by the end of the week.

Our team didn’t do that well though,  we had lost one of our members due to her having an dental appointment on the main shooting day.
Besides we were not prepared for the weather, as it was decently cold and breezy we got cold fast which made use hurry things that should have been done much slower.

Overall the project was done and completed by the deadline and it was delivered to the company that had hired us.
We received mostly positive feedback and some fixes that had to be adjusted to fit the company’s favors and that’s all that had to be done to complete that week.

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